Quality Assurance & Licence Quality Control

ISO 22000
ISO 22000 is the food safety management system which combines the fundamental basis of ISO 9001 quality management system and the principle of the existing HACCP standard together. ISO 22000 certifies food safety in every process from raising, planting, processing, packaging, transportation, until the consumers receive the products.
In 2005, Komatsu Suisan (Japan) received ISO 22000, becoming the first factory in Japan and in the world that is certified by this standard.

HACCP Standard 
HACCP Standard is manufacturing standard with defensive measures to prevent health hazard that consumers may get through food consuming. This system is to search for the key point of production process and strictly control it. This standard helps food industrial sector gain customer’s confidence in products safety.
In 2010, Komatsu Suisan (Japan) received HACCP.
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